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Who Prays for Chocolate Cake?

James, a son of a coffee shop owner, enjoys spending time under the coffee tables, which he uses as his playground. From under the table James’s interaction with the customers leads him to impose his intrinsic values on the customers naturally getting some sort of reaction from them.

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This film is an attempt for us to start questioning life again through a bit of creative thinking and maybe bring back that little child we still have in us.

Production notes
The film was made with very little money. We finally got a coffee shop that we could shoot in but could only if the customers were to drink their coffee while we were shooting. Fortunately they had two floors. One upstairs which was inside and cosy and the other outside and, well lets say a bit cooler. Because the outside bit was too noisy we decided to shoot upstairs where it would be much quieter. If it was a sunny day all the customers would want to sit in the sun and of-course this will leave us to shoot our film in peace upstairs. But this was not looking promising as he week before it hailed and it looked like we’d be shooting upstairs with all the customers hugging the camera and complaining about us asking them to be quiet. Anyway while we were waiting for the weather forecast our lead actor who is a child was coming from Hastings. If we were to get his dialogues clean that would mean that he would have to be on set at 7am before the customers would arrive which also means that we’d need to put him in a hotel the night before which means spending huge amounts of money for this. Finally the weather forecast arrived and it said it would only have slight drizzles in the morning. We get hone call from the mum saying that she would be happy to pay for the hotel if it means a better performance from her child. What a God send. The morning of the shoot the sun came out and it was one of the hottest days in London. Everyone sat outside and left us alone to make the film in a bit of peace besides the odd granny asking if we were shooting East Enders.




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