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Two sisters interlace their memory of the last time they met. Lena is a professional photographer and sees everything with the detached and cold perspective of her camera lens. Paola, her sister, is an athlete. She loves nature and thinks she can observe reality without filters. They see each other again on the day of their father’s funeral. For both of them it is the chance to examine their own lives and their emotions. There is a law imposed by the fortuitousness of existence. No life exists which cannot help but be remembered yet at the same time, to look behind means to watch through shadows as well as the abyss.

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What is visible is invisible.

Inassenza is a short film about looking back. It is a move towards collecting that what makes up our existence, lying between the muted waves passing through the memory.

Contemporary film is the cinema of perspective-it goes beyond the modern day compulsion that wants everything to be left to stories. On the contrary: it is a fertile and living opportunity to abandon that which reality leaves on the slanted surface of time.

The narrative blueprint of this film is based on the understanding that its potential can be developed by expressing images, not telling a story. These images are glimpses of reality which are not naively captured as Reality but visions that are like shadows on the retina, questioning our consciences. The frames of a film are inquiries which cannot be answered in the same way by everyone.

This film’s direction is rooted in a cinematographic philosophy paying attention to the profound and ambiguous tie between perspective and reality. It has a persistent vision, clinging to concrete data which reality presents in front of the objective.




Copyright © 2012 Domenico De Orsi

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