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A woman is hurt by her lover's indifference and confused by his conflicting stories about Estelle whose picture hangs in his bedroom. He lives existentially in his downtown condo, disassociated from the woman he is with and from his own feelings. His thoughts keep returning to Estelle whom he had loved but inexplicably abandoned.

Film notes

The intention was to stay true to the spirit of the original short fiction and maintain its stylistic tone, ambiguity, and sense of mystery: the protagonist and first female lead have no names, the protagonist’s possible motivations are only suggested, the sparseness of the dialogue and narrative structure is maintained, and the ending provides no clear resolution.
At the same time, the cinematic medium presented opportunities to amplify the story. The pirouetting of the Estelle character in the script transforms into a dance in the film. With the soundtrack in that scene and the song playing later in the same scene flashbacked at the end, the dance scene adds altogether another dimension to the story and characters. The symbolism plays out well in the scene of the protagonist and the woman character at the bedroom window wall staring out at the view of the two buildings under construction. The lush Chinese painted screen in the living room scenes also adds a symbolic almost decadent sub-text.
The acting was performed in a naturalistic underplayed style called for by the script. The non-verbal communication was emphasized in the performances and captured on screen. The slow pace enhance the subtlety and stylistic tone, for example: Estelle walking unhurriedly to the window-wall and later to the other end of the room as the protagonist watches, the sound of her heels adding a melodic quality.
The music came from two songs and heightened the tension of the story as well as the poignancy and emotion below the surface. The main soundtrack captures the story’s mystery and ambiguity, and the protagonist’s disassociation and his effect on the two female characters. The soundtrack from “Goodbye My Love” captures the effervescence of the Estelle character and the lightness of the scene where she dances and poses for the protagonist's camera. Later on the song itself was used at the end and the credits, and the lyrics were a perfect fit to the denouement.


Copyright © 2012 Firdaus F. Bilimoria

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