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Tack För Senast

It’s Lovisa’s birthday and she’s well prepared for this evening’s dinner party. She’s chosen a Mad Men theme for the evening and she’s got the right clothes, the right food and the right drinks but most of all: the right guests. Johan’s coming and Lovisa is very keen to make a good impression; on him and on the other colleagues from her new job at the ad agency. So who is this guy Lars who suddenly shows up with way too many red roses and a super strange birthday gift? And why is he acting like there’s something going on between them? As Lars actions get more and more embarrassing during the evening, Lovisa grows more and more desperate. He’s ruining everything, Johan will get the wrong picture and a full blown catastrophe seems inevitable. So, what to do?

Film notes

A Night To Remember is a dark comedy about colliding worlds and grown-ups acting like children. But most of all, it's about what to do and what NOT to do when you have an uninvited (?) guest to your very important dinner party. I wanted to explore the world of social taboos, those silent agreements we all make on how to behave. At the same time, A Night To Remember is a take on group mentality and how we react when we are exposed to a deviant and unexpected element.
embarrassing shameful coward status power dinner birthday perfection mad men advertising love date teenage lies lonely fool




Copyright © 2012 Jakob Beckman

Awards and nominations

3rd Place - Individual
Swedish Short Film Festival
16 Mar – 17 Mar | Sweden
Best Male Actor (Joakim Granberg)
Swedish Short Film Festival
16 Mar – 17 Mar | Sweden

Previous screenings

Swedish Short Film Festival
16 Mar – 17 Mar | Stockholm, Sweden
3rd Place - Individual
Best Male Actor (Joakim Granberg)
5 May – 16 May | Lyon, France
5 Oct – 7 Oct | Reggio Emilia, Italy
27 Oct – 28 Oct | Konstanz, Germany
Sintetitza: Pyrenees International Short Film Festival
18 Nov – 25 Nov | Berga, Spain
Leuven Short Film Festival
1 Dec – 8 Dec | Leuven, Belgium
14 Dec – 16 Dec | Novi Sad, Serbia
29 Mar – 31 Mar | Kiev, Ukraine
Independent Days: International Filmfestival
24 Apr – 28 Apr | Karlsruhe, Germany

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