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Jonathan Cruz is a young teenager living with his abusive father. Jonathan has been living in an abusive environment since he was a little boy, his father use to beat his mother on a daily when he was younger. Sadly Jonathan loses his mother when he was thirteen. Jonathan has suffered with this great lost ever since, it's in fact driven him crazy but he doesn't know it yet. He struggles to find out what's wrong with him suspecting he has something wrong with him. He then goes insane, he is later diagnosed with " Dissociative Identity Disorder " (DiD). He then really goes insane and starts suffering with his alter ego "Rex". "Rex" has been driven with great anger and is ready to get some revenge. "Rex" goes on a killing spree. Jonathan suffers from "Rex's" actions and has to fight to stop Rex in his action. Will Jonathan win?



Copyright © 2012 Jermaine Grandison

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