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King John Act IV Scene I

King John's loyal henchman, Hubert, is ordered to torture and execute the teenage Prince Albert, the rightful heir to England's throne. However, Albert's endearing innocence and the horrors of what is expected of him plague Hubert's mind forcing him to choose between his loyalty to the crown and his own sense of morality.

Film notes

One of Shakespeare's most heart-wrenchingly dark scenes, taken from one of his least known plays.

Based on London's first theatre production of this little known Shakespeare in February 2012, John Last decided to film one of the key scenes.

Despite the fact that no one outside of Shakespearean circles knows of this plays existence, this scene is quite possibly one of Shakespeare's most haunting and heart-wrenching pieces.

A quick youtube and google search revealed that this play is nowhere to be seen. The BBC did their own version in 1984, however, this was plagued by low production values and a seeming lack of care.

With this in mind, John Last wanted to show the severity of the scene and the tenderness and bond between an apparent killer and innocent youth that was unfortunately lost in the BBC version.

Our intent is to release this into film festivals at first and then onto various Shakespeare societies finishing with youtube et al.




Copyright © 2012 John Last C/o Strawburn Films

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1 Jun – 5 Jun | Strumica, Macedonia

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