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The Charon Incident

An international consortium, headed by Smith, is discussing its plan to ensure Agape Pharmaceuticals corners the market on saving lives. A noble enough cause, hinged on an approach so devious and callous it creates the very niche it's designed to fill. Against the backdrop of London, Clay Davidson waits for instructions from his handler, Brant. This is to be his final assignment as a highly discrete and effective Private Fixer. A routine pick up and delivery, then home to his wife and young son in Atlanta. It's time for a normal life... and the end of life as he knows it.

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It all started in 2010 as I dreaded catching the flu. This lead me to wonder about the marketing machine behind the movement to motivate everyone to get their annual flu shot ā€“ and the negative press around the fact that by the time a flu shot is ready for mass consumption, it is no longer effective. Viruses evolve, and medicine can't keep up. Or so we are led to believe. Whoa! This idea needed to be developed. Someday.

I later had the opportunity to meet Jessie Pavelka through a project I was producing featuring his wife. We hit it off and instantly began to think of ways we could work together. Jessie was nearing the completion of the first season of his hit show for UK's Sky Network and I was changing the trajectory of my production company to focus on creative dramatic work.

When the winter holiday season rolled around again and the ad campaigns for the flu shot were in full force, I was reminded of my story idea. I immediately contacted Jessie and pitched him the concept, he loved it and we decided to co-produce it. I hid away in my studio through the holidays and into the new year as I developed the concept. In early January, The Charon Incident was born.

A lengthy shooting schedule followed, as we waited for appropriate dates and affordable flights to capture the UK scenes. On home turf, Mary MacDonald Rival joined the producer team and was instrumental for us achieving the North American scenes. Her uncanny ability to wrangle resources certainly stepped up the production value.

Moving into post is always an exciting time, and this was no exception. An amazing experience to be working with Jeff Eden of Studio 8 and Colin Doncaster of Peregrine VFX, who has brought unfathomable awesomeness.

Iā€™m truly humbled by all of the wonderfully talented contributors that have stepped forward to bring my little (big) story to the screen. Now, it is my honor to proudly share this film with you. I hope you enjoy it.




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2 Nov ā€“ 4 Nov | Springfield, United States

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