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The land is destroyed after decades of continuous attacks by the dark water. There is a girl with bunny mask, who is the leader of this group of villagers who are our future generation. They are the only survivors of the earth and in search desperately for the promising land in which they believe it’s the only place left on earth that is safe and filled with fresh water and foods, and surrounded by beautiful nature. The giant bunnies come along on their journey as well and the characters face the hardship and the fear of death by the dark water along their journey but nothing can stop them from their hope.

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The purpose of this film is to appreciate our world and what we have and to think about what we can do to conserve our world.

Within less than a century, our world has gone through rapid industrialization and development and slowly, the air we breathe and the water we drink have been polluted and as the global warming approaches, the change of weather and climate causes many natural disasters such as tsunamis, floods and hurricanes all around the world. Although we are living well and conveniently we don’t realize how much the earth has been changed. My purpose for this film is by bringing the awareness of our changing land. Even though people all around the world have recognized the importance of nature I would like us to have a deep thought and ask ourselves if we really understood the need to maintain and protect the land because we are not taking good care of it up until now. Naturally, we don’t appreciate for things that were already there for us. For example, I was born and raised in Korea, and I didn’t realize how beautiful the country was until I was away from the country. It’s same for this matter, too. We are born and raised on earth and we live on earth until the death. We don’t appreciate the colored leaves in the fall or water we drink everyday. I hope by looking at my film, people can remind themselves that the world we live is such a beautiful and magical place and we can appreciate more about the beautiful nature that surrounds us.




Copyright © 2012 Rami Kim

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