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The Door

Trapped in a room filled with many exits, but no way out, a man tries almost anything to escape. But there is one thing that he doesn’t expect. Confronted by seven locked doors confining him to a space that seemingly offers no glimpse of an outer world and little connection with the rest of humanity, he struggles alone to find a way out, running the gamut from physical determination to intellectual reasoning, from unhinged desperation to quiet resignation, until the unexpected happens.

Film notes

The Door is a short film about one man’s fight for freedom and the consequences of achieving this independence.

The Door is a visual metaphor for struggle. This could be an outer struggle to achieve some tangible objective, such as social equality, political freedom or financial emancipation, or the more powerful inner conflict that arises when a man faces his own fears. Fear can paralyze as much as any physical obstacle, and sometimes when we finally get what we most desire, we face our greatest challenge.

This film confronts real issues, right now. It symbolizes a society constantly engaged in a fight for change, without being fully prepared for the consequences should they prevail.




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