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Fortune's Favored

On a boxcar, Charles rides the rails to get home to his family in 1937. He is robbed and thrown from the train as a mysterious young man saves him from being stabbed. Charles is lost on the railroad and walks down a long dirt road to a lone general store. There he meets Walter, a down on the luck salesman. Walter attempts to sell Charles a bottle of Coca-Cola, along with a doll but to no avail and puts his goods back in his carpet bag. Charles has nothing but a photo of his family. Walter then introduces Charles to Henry, a large black man who works in the store. Price, the store's owner arrives drunk ready to burn down the store having lost all his money. He grabs Walter's carpet bag and throws it aside. Charles steps in and tells Price to leave. Charles sees Walter's bag is actually empty on the ground. When confronting Walter about the bag, he mysteriously disappears. Henry and Charles continue to walk down the road, new friends. Charles arrives home to his family safe and with a soda for his son, a doll for his daughter and love for his wife.

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Somehow it's hard to tell someone what it is we really need in life, yet it's easy to tell someone what we want. We, in today's world, have a luxury of being able to afford many things that our ancestors did not have available. Yet does that mean they were not as happy as we are today?
It was this idea that got me thinking about how people could survive horrible times and still make it out on the other end just fine. I love how resilient the human spirit is and I wanted to make a film that showed people, even in today's hard times, that people can still find good fortune all around them, if they just know where to look.
Fortune's Favored isn't just about a man named Charles trying to get home. The film is an onion and you can pull back the layers on all the characters asking yourself all sorts of different questions as to what they want. And yes, there is a strong supernatural element in this movie that surrounds the character of Walter. Walter can be interpreted as many different things. Who is he? What is he? And why does he choose to help Charles? And is his actions only affecting Charles? Walter can stand as a symbol of good that lies within us all. That resilient human spirit could be Walter in human form, or could it be Charles' guardian angel? That question remains to be answered by the viewer.
The film's setting in the Great Depression was chosen specifically to help take the viewer into a world we no longer see, but completely understand. Many are going through hard times now and therefore can easily relate to those who struggled in the depression. It makes Charles more relatable to the viewer and makes us all believe we can make it through as Charles does making bonds between friends and family even greater now than ever.
I believe this film has a great moral and theme that runs throughout. It's the power of family, faith and friends that lead us through the darkest hours in our lives to see the sun come up again the next day.




Copyright © 2012 Daniel Lahr/Country Studios

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