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Hit and Run

Pregnant and in a state of panic, a 16 year old girl hurtles towards a hospital in a taxi. Meanwhile, only blocks away, the 27 year old father of her child prowls the streets for his next conquest, on a collision course with karma… or so it would seem.

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I only want to make films that possess a power to provoke and move an audience. Films that push boundaries, stir emotions and hopefully, create change. Hit and Run, because of it’s confronting and honest outlook on life, sits squarely in this realm of cinema.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a firm believer in the phrase “you reap what you sow” and Hit and Run is my tribute to that belief. At the forefront of the film is a strong karmic message stressing that whatever energy we put out is what we should expect in return. Just like no good deed should go unnoticed, so should no bad deed. Basically, no one person should be allowed to live outside of accountability.

Unfortunately, we live in a throw-away society where very few take responsibility for their actions. It seems that values have been demoralised to the point where no one seems to be able to commit or even care, especially when it comes to family and responsibility. I aim to hold a mirror up to society, unveiling this flaw in the hope of a shift in morality.

The lead character of Nick is a comment on those whose manhood is measured not by virtues and integrity, but by the amount of women they bed. These ‘men’ live by a code I’ve dubbed ‘Hit and Run’. which when translated, means ‘fornicate then flee’. On the surface, this philosophy may appear masculine and cool, but in reality, it’s a mask of bravado spawned by a deep seated fear of connection. For any hope of change, society must be confronted with this harsh reality.

Like Hit and Run’s narrative, the execution is just as honest. It was shot by feature film cinematographer, Marc Windon, who shares my passion for truth and thought provoking cinema. Our aim was to portray life as we’ve so often seen it – raw and unrelenting, with an unpredictable style that reflects the world of the characters – beautiful one minute and brutal the next.

Luke McKay – Writer/Director




Copyright © 2011 Luke McKay

Previous screenings

Pollygrind Underground Film Festival | 2012
1 Oct – 10 Oct | Las Vegas, United States
3 Oct – 7 Oct | Las Vegas, United States
Denver Underground Film Festival | 2012
1 Nov – 10 Nov | Denver, United States
6 Feb – 9 Feb | Boulder City, United States
8 Feb – 18 Feb | Berlin, Germany
3 Oct – 6 Oct | Minneapolis, United States

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