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A God of Sinners

Four guys are good friends. They have jobs in a modern city somewhere in the world. One of them (Sanjay) has a steady girlfriend Lea - who works as cabin crew for an airline. Abhi has a crush on a girl called Maya for a long time but never tells her for reasons he knows best. The other two - Jas and Navi, aren’t comfortable with having steady girlfriends yet, so end up hanging out with different women. Friday nights is about meeting up to get drunk, meet women and hang out with each other. On one such Friday night, they decide to give the regular night spots a miss and head instead to a farm house, The night becomes about Abhi proposing to Maya. So while Sanjay pops out to get the keys to the empty farm house Jas calls a couple of his women friends, while Navi calls for the food. Abhi calls Maya to tell her that he has something important to discuss with her and that he would fetch her soon. However that evening, a bomb goes off in their city. Jas, the wildest of them all gets most affected by this and before you know it, he starts to loose his mind, fed-up with such bombings everywhere. He looses it specially on his best friend Abhi. The night takes a bad turn when the world as we know it comes knocking on their door, thus forcing these guys to become men. In doing so they find themselves embracing man made barriers and letting go of what was the precious things of all - brotherhood. Who can possibly have the right to turn the living into dead?

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Making ‘A God Of Sinners’ was perhaps the biggest spiritual and humanitarian challenge that I have faced. I didn’t want to set out to stand for or against any sect of society, I am merely echoing the belief of my humanitarian cause, which is ‘one world, one faith, one race. One colour, just a different face’. The thought of four buddies, educated and living in a modern city, who share a disgustingly crude sense of humour to me implied that they never would give a damn to the maturity of the rest of mankind. Who needs rituals? Who needs customs? Above all who can tell us how we live our lives? As long as the four of them were together, that’s all that mattered. Ofcourse they want to have great jobs, make a load of money, get married to (really hot) chicks etc. but none of the grown up stuff. To me that was a perfect world and I wish I could spend my entire life with my bros that I met in college.

It would take the darkest of forces, of evil to destroy such a peaceful world of these four guys, and when this dark force did come knocking on their door, it would stand no chance to stand up or penetrate their world. The force that got them, is the world that we know today, wherein man made barriers are being used against each other, and the only way that these four would embrace this world as a weapon against each other is if they were to unfortunately grow up and let go of the biggest bond that they shared all their lives – that of brotherhood. The film to me is part of m journey to spread peace, love and tolerance in a world that, in each growing day seems to be adamant to turn our playing fields into battle ground, to turn our kids into child soldiers and the deadliest weapon we inoculate in them is that of discrimination – be it religious, colours or other beliefs.

When will be tell them, when will we ourselves remember that, there is just one world, one faith, one race. One colour, just a different face.

Tagore Almeida



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