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Enjoy Paris

An aspiring martial artist, Christian, one day sees the girl of his dreams at the park. Using his charm and charisma, he is able to meet the girl, Paris, and not only take her out but also make her his girlfriend. The two fall in love and the rest, as they say, is history. As time goes on and the two start a new life together, Christian is preparing for his next fight. But as he trains and his body is worn down, he starts to get desperate and is offered a performance enhancing drug from a training partner. Around the same time, he sees a beautiful girl at the gym that is interested in him and bumps into her one day outside. One day at the house Christian is laying on the couch with headphones on and doesn't hear his phone when it goes off, but Paris does and after calling his name she decides to take a peak and see who is calling. When she finds out she flips out, and the rest as they say, is history.

Film notes

This film was a learning experience for me. Having produced a few smaller short films and a web series, this film was the largest and most professional project I have taken on thus far. It was a great event in my life and something that was very personal to me.

I enjoy "Enjoy Paris" even the editing and writing of the film, but especially the filming. Not having a big budget and little experience myself as the director of this project, I wanted to make sure that the story and cinematography was up to par. As a fan of film and cinema, I have realized that with good acting and scene direction, you don't need a big budget to make something that people can identify with and enjoy!



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