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Had He Fidelity

In 1934 in rural central Illinois, a man shows up at a farmers door because his car has broken down. The two men are quickly put at odds. The farmer wants the man to leave, but for whatever reason the man does not want to go. It becomes quickly apparent that the man is grief stricken and is looking for someone to blame. Sometimes evil is real, and sometimes it only exists because we are looking for it.

Film notes

Had He Fidelity is an exploration of how religion can both drive us and be driven by us. It is easy to turn to religion for actions but it can sometimes be difficult to justify those actions in retrospect. Losing a loved one and the subsequent grief can be a powerful reason to turn to religion. What we find in our religious texts and what we choose to do with that is the theme around which Had He Fidelity rotates.

In bringing this theme to life, I wanted to take what was essentially a stage play and put it onto the screen. In doing so, I recognized that an actor's need to drive the scene was the crux around which the film lies. To that end, I worked to value the long take over the cut and the wide shot over the close up. It can be easy to create a performance with the camera and editing, it is much harder to get one organically. I recognized that the power struggle between the two characters needed to feel real and uncomfortable and so by creating an actor driven piece I believe that the tension is higher than it would have been otherwise.

I encourage you to watch the film but not to place judgement too quickly. Had He Fidelity (also titled "If the Devil" overseas) is about questioning what is good and what is evil. Consider this question as you watch but try to refrain judgement for as long you can and of course...

Enjoy the film!



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