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Whom God Helps

After the last glass of champagne is finished a young upper class couple departs from a wild night of partying on a roof top deck overlooking the Philadelphia skyline. Sneaking kisses in the elevator the couple gives each other flirtatious smiles with a mutual sense of expectation. Playfully running away into a parking garage, her suitor catches up to give her a sensual embrace which melts her heart as their lips part from each other. Arm in arm she speaks of how relieved she is that her friends approve of him as her new companion. While playfully flirting and speaking of innuendos the angel of death, Azrael, stalks the couple in the shadows. His black eyes follow the two observing them and clinching his fists with anticipation. After another sensual kiss the new beau mentions his sexual intentions for the night to come only to be disappointed by her response. Unknown and unseen to the couple, Azrael speaks to them manipulating their actions and words. The tension builds as the once loving couple's conversation escalates into a furious argument as Azrael incites them to push one another closer to their edge of reason. The more tense the situation becomes the more Azrael instigates the couple ultimately crescendoing into a horrific act of senseless violence. Only after fate runs its course can anyone be saved and the will of God come into fruition.

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In an effort to constantly progress my perception of art and cinema I've been drawn to visionaries such as Gaspar Noe, Lars Von Trier, Matthew Barney, and Stan Brakage. Soon I was fascinated with Barney’s Cremaster Cycle and sought to create a surreal creature that could live amongst his characters.

With this image in I thought of Death manifested only to become bored with how Death is usually portrayed. A hood and sickle wasn’t my idea of how this entity would appear and I felt it should be more calculating then merely showing up to take a soul. Thinking of how interactions with loved ones sometimes inexplicably progress into full on arguments, I thought that in more extreme cases that Death could be influencing us into our fate.

Using Azrael, the Angel of Death, as the puppeteer, Whom God Helps tells the story of a bourgeois couple whose new relationship is soon instigated by Azrael with manipulative form. The creature looms in the shadows barking commands to the couple as they search for their car. Their new love diminishes as anger and rejection settles in culminating into an act of horrific violence and peaceful transcendence.



Previous screenings

9 Aug – 16 Aug | Hollywood, United States
World Music and Independent Film Festival | 2012
19 Aug – 25 Aug | Washington DC, United States
31 Aug – 3 Sep | Atlanta, United States
26 Oct – 31 Oct | Charlotte, United States

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