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"Ely has been a space mission, the last of the Space Era, I think. Ely was the woman I loved before leaving the Earth. Before still or maybe years later she's been a little girl, maybe my baby girl. I don't remember. Ely was the far away planet I've orbited around for years. Years 793 days long. I was sleeping for few hours in the appendix-module of a giant orbiting station, now almost abandoned, lit by a Sun that was too close, at just the right distance not to get completely sick or become blind and end up like in those sci-fi movies from my youth. Ely also became the new name of planet earth when I got back. And coming back nothing was as it had been; no water, no plants, no more wide green leafs but only wastelands, light and light only and long lines of silent men, adapted, mutated, walking along in long lines, slowly, without pause, without night. Coming back the Sun's light getting through the window was just like it had been when as kids we used to observe the dust suspended onto the thin air of our indian summer. Right there and then we could see the sun drawn on our white papers, finally a star, finally ours, simply complex, dangerous. (Then, once outside, hit by the solar wind, in a devastating light, we'd take cover in the half-moon shape of a shadow, projected by the astronomic observatory and its white dome). When I got back the time hadn't come yet for realizing, for crying and remembering, just like after a long trip one is tired, peaceful and alone. I sit on my bed, while the nearest star caressed my light red suit, now without ranks, badges, space missions and huge crowds. The launching ramps, silent, were now in a most complete abandon".




Copyright © 2011 Andrea Dojmi, Lorenzo Bona

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