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The soldier is in shelter at his bulwark. He awaits the enemy on alert.

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I saw a bulwark in the middle of a beautiful, empty and infinite beach at the enterance of the bosphorus. The wind was blowing, the sky was blue and the waves on the sea were white. One may wish to fly in that atmosphere.

An old local people said, there were some bulwarks in that beach placed in every hundred meters but they are destroyed with time. Only that one was left.

When I look inside the bulwark I saw a small window shining like a star in that darkness. It was surrounded by grey, dirty walls and suffocating atmosphere but there was blue, infinite sea beyond it. Suddenly I quit leaving the reality, the second world war and I began dreaming a soldier stucked in that bulwark with his gun and looking at the sea now.

Does he supposed to shoot the sea? Or sky? Why does the soldier shelter in that bulwark? What was he supposed to protect himself from? What and who is he afraid of?

I think this bulwark in that beach represents the needlessness of militarism. The countries take eachother as enemies although they are not. Having a gun, having an army, being a soldier is just the results of a pathetic paranoia. In fact there is no enemy. This is what this film says.




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