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Evy in the New Word

A 6 year old girl child, Evy, has just started learning English alphabets. Evy sits at home doing her homework while her mom is preparing dinner. Her mom calls her for dinner from the Kitchen but Evy is immersed in the homework. As she keeps doing her homework, she enters this fantasy world Wordth welcomed by a rabbit which is her favourite animal. In the world which is formed of alphabets, she meets her favourite animals and plays with them. Then she runs through some beautiful places like a fruit orchard and a flower garden. Eventually she passes by a beautiful valley where she gazes at its beauty. She then hears her mom’s voice from the horizon calling her for dinner. Evy then realises that she is away from home and becomes sad. Back at home, Evy wakes up on her desk. She hears her Mom calling her for dinner and goes for dinner.

Film notes

Evy's fantasy is an imagination of a small girl child's imaginary world who learns alphabets for the first time. This is a simple example of what happens when you learn or experience something interesting for the first time. The fantasy world called “Wordth” consists of everything made of alphabets.

We have made this experience as a 3d animated short film. The short film is a proposed surrogation of Evy’s experience in the Wordth world for the viewer. This film is a good collaboration of typographical design with the art of 3d animation. This film is aimed at presenting learning and education as a positive means to encourage girl children to go to school and their parents towards a girl child's education. We aim to reach out to girl children and their parents in nook and corner of the world through awards, film festivals and private screening session for school kids and their parents.

Lets bring every girl child to the classroom to make this world as beautiful place for every human to love and live.



Copyright © 2012 Killivalavan Solai

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