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8 Billion

Two strangers to a foreign land find each other by chance, and, after a somewhat disastrous first date; fall in love in a romance that could have come right out of some beautiful bygone era. The idyllic montage would appear to be a prelude to more of the same. Three years later however, reality has set in like industrial concrete beneath the Burj Khalifa. Adam who has always taken an ideological stand against procreation is confronted by Eve who can no longer live with the hopelessness of never being able to contemplate motherhood. Like a thorn on the stem of a beautiful rose, the idea of having a baby pricks at the skin of their perfect life, in a place that is altogether too perfect to be real. It surfaces, not for the first time, as the major conflict point between them. This time however there is a little more than just unmet needs at stake. What Eve keeps secret could change everything.

Film notes

8 Billion is a film that confronts very serious issues, from the global issue of overpopulation, with pertinent reference points by Ban Ki Moon, to the more personal issues of loneliness, denial, unmet expectations, and loss.

Set in the slightly surreal world of Doha, a city of expatriates, amid a landscape of luxurious lifestyles and superficial perfection, in 8 Billion, two young people find that they are not only lost within a foreign culture, far from their families, but more significantly, are lost in their own self inflicted isolation.




Copyright © 2012 Riad Makdessi

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