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Ruben, a lower-class visual artist, has decided to abandon his tormented life by taking refuge within his own imagination; creating a world parallel to reality, which distances him from all material and emotional attachment, thus exorcizing his ego. “In order to break the rules, you must first master them; In order to exist, you must first kill the self.” -Rubén

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Throughout my career, I have discovered the need to incorporate into my images and scripts messages that promote social consciousness. As a humanist, I am passionate about the idea of being part of the change; it is for that reason that within my artistic production, I find it valid and valuable to present social issues, along with fictional stories, that the spectator can identify with as a human being, while also representing a new realm of sensations. The main motivation that drives me to develop the short film Reset is based on the idea of a new theory in which to live and to be happy do not depend on any material acquisition. Those objects which surround us in our daily lives are but ornaments that in some cases become necessary. The pattern that somehow demands for us to live in consumerist society, makes us forget that which cannot be bought with money: being the sky, the sea, the mountains, rivers, forests. In short, to learn how to detach oneself from material things without suffering great pain and to take the time to discover what we really are, is part of that cinematographic experience. While Reset presents two parallel worlds, one real and one imaginary, I wish to describe the real world with dark images, conflictive dialogues and an impoverished environment of monotony and hopelessness. Every one of these elements projected through still frames that show the day-to-day of the story and its characters. For the imaginary world, on the other hand, I propose lit-up images, poetic dialogue and the most beautiful unseen natural scenery, projected all together through frames in motion during which choreography and classical music go hand in hand. My needs go beyond the simple act of creating. In order to create, you need motivations, convictions, feelings, urges. In order to create you must be. I am my creations; my creations are that which dwells within me.




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