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The Lake

For some, the loss of a loved one means a life of purgatory, especially if the regret of this loss haunts the soul. In the confines of a suburban cul-de-sac, a lonely woman's fading memory is awoken by a feuding young couple, Lara and Louis. They are a young married couple enduring a never-ending nightmare: the loss of their three year old child, Max, which Lara holds Louis partly responsible for. Where some couples are able to share the burden of surviving a tragedy, Lara and Louis are antagonistic toward each other, they are lost and unable to decide how to love each other or even exist together. Despite efforts to bond, it seems the damage is irreparable, and separation only logical as they are drawn to the banks of the lake. They have reached rock bottom, and their home, is literally the end of the world, where their dilemma, and the woman's nightmarish regret manifests further, sending ripples of paranoia toward Lara.

Film notes

At the depths of The Lake, lies the dramatic question: when does love cross the boundary of being something good and stray into something deadly? People will often do anything for love, and sometimes have to bear the backlash when it turns sour. Love can be salvation, but it can also be hell.

Director/Writer's statement
The laborious experience of working on The Lake was unique for me, in that I had the privilege of diligently writing the script, only to exercise a level of directorial indifference, throw all original screenwriting intentions out the window, and start afresh in the editing suite. There was constant transitioning between writer and director roles (like Jekyll and Hyde), and fighting for a story that was constantly mutating further and further from the original objective. I wanted to tell a convoluted cautionary tale of loss and regret, where past, present and future exists simultaneously in a state of purgatory: about a young feuding couple, Lara and Louis, and an older, lonely Woman, who is also inexplicably Lara, living in a suburban cul-de-sac; a dead end. I also wished to rely heavily upon symbolism; the foreboding body of murky water, which is the centerpiece and from which the film derives its namesake, is wholly premeditated. I do hope that Lynchian influences have shined through the end result, as the film is very much the homage to his brand of noir and filmmaking style.




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