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Yadorigi: A Village in Portraits

Through the gentle portrayal of three unexpected, bohemian characters in a small village Japan - a Junk Collector, an Organic Farmer, and a Circus Trainer - we learn more about the village, Yadorigi, and what life is like in rural Japan.

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Japan is a country full of contradictions: capitalist yet spiritual, reserved yet ostentatious, modern yet steeped in tradition. However, there is a bias in Western media, intentionally or unintentionally, toward representing the more sensational side of Japanese life, and therefore reducing the country into a caricature. Dig a little deeper, though, and equally interesting stories of everyday people, much like you might find anywhere in the world, emerge.

As a British/Japanese, born and educated in England, but also having lived in Japan, I was in an advantaged position of seeing the country from the perspective of an outsider as well as a native. When I came across the village in 2010, I felt compelled to share their story with other people, as an example of what real people in Japan were like. I was fortunate in that the villagers were happy to open up to me, and share their thoughts in a way that was beyond my expectations. The lives of the three characters as portrayed here are, I believe, important examples of changing rural lifestyles and attitudes in Japan, whilst also being an insight into the individual thoughts and philosophies of each subject.

When the earthquake struck in March 2011, I had already begun editing this film, and while the village depicted in this film was geographically far from the affected Tohoku region, I felt that there was an even stronger need to humanize Japanese people on the whole to a global audience. I very much hope this film has the opportunity to reach as many people as possible, and might in some way foster a broader understanding of a complicated country.
-Eiji Iwakawa
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18 Sep – 23 Sep | Bristol, United Kingdom
26 Sep – 7 Oct | London, United Kingdom
12 Oct – 21 Oct | Hot Springs, United States

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