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Three soldiers, Pit, Vince and Christopher, return home from their tour of duty in Afghanistan and seem to be unharmed. They all have one thing on mind: Pit should be dead and Felix should be alive. The pictures, the sound of the last moments in Felix's life are haunting Pit. Vince and Christopher try to help him, to save him from himself – for vain. There's only one person, who can save Pit – he himself. Deep down in his heart Pit knows what he has to do: in the end he is standing in front of a door, holding a white pawn in his hand.

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There's a special kind ouf guilt – one, only you can feel for yourself. Society calls it fate, accident or the hand of God. However you carry the burden, the burden of this split second you changed seat with your best friend.

This guilt was also felt by an American soldier whose life was portrayed in a documentary Christoph Schuler and me watched one evening. He changed seat with his best friend during their tour of duty in Afghanistan. Their vehicle was hit, his best friend died and he survived until he shot himself a few months later. He could not life with his guilt.

This story burned itself in our minds. We began to research, read articles in journals and diaries of soldiers and talked to them in person.

One night, when we were in fact working on a different screenplay, Pit, Vince, Christopher and Felix entered our life and we began to write Fallen. A story about guilt, but also about friendship, which has no limits.


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