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Dört Duvar Saraybosna

Mirza is constantly moving and running in Sniper surrounded Sarajevo streets. On the other hand, Mirza’s father, Cemil is handicapped and his only connection to the world is his son Mirza. One day the door bell of the room they reside in rings. Mirza refuses to open the door and requests that his dad does not open the door as well. While Mirza was gone, Cemil decides to open the door.

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"The story behind the film’s script, how it was written"
Four years ago, while I was on a business trip to Sarajevo I watched an actual video which was recorded during war. In the footage, there was a broad road and a bus was capsized in the middle of it. People were running from the street to the road, hiding behind the bus and then making a run for the cross street around the bus. The video oversaw the whole road and there were people running around the whole time. They had to run to protect themselves from the snipers. Some of the runners were shot and they collapsed in the middle of the road. Even pulling the dead bodies to the streets was taking a while. After seeing this footage, the thought of “being forced to run on the streets that you used to stroll freely once and that it lasts for many years” led me to the following question: “how can a person survive this?” And this question shaped the story of the movie “Four Walls Sarajevo”




Copyright © 2012 Nadim Güç

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29 Jun – 7 Jul | Sofia, Bulgaria

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