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Verna is adjusting to life after the death of her husband, Earl. As she sorts out the remnants of what he left behind, she remembers how alone she felt. Earl was never affectionate. As Verna remembers the night Earl died, she realizes perhaps their relationship was more than she thought.

Every morning Frances gets up, puts on her robe, and walks down the hall to the bathroom. She turns on the radio in her hallway. Frances married young, and when her husband died eight years ago, she faced being alone for the first time in her life. But maybe, Frances is finally ready to deal with silence.

Every weekday, Jack has coffee down at Karens with some of his friends. They talk about the weather and other current events. Today, while thumbing through the pictures on his cell phone, Jack discovers a message from his dear and deceased wife thats not for the eyes of his buddies.

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Derelicts tells three short stories about people who are alone, but not lonely.

Derelicts was written and produced by Hillsdale County native and resident Jen Letherer. The short film is intended to celebrate the overlooked, the simple, and the compellingly ordinary. While the American population rapidly ages, Derelicts tells the story of some people who may look past their prime, but only on the surface. And it comes from a place where community and tradition are alive and well in every wheat field, church picnic and antique auction. In the film, each of the characters discover something about their life that marks a place in their journey forward, not just another day put out to pasture.
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