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A Death Defying Act

During the final rehearsal for his latest semi-autobiographical play, Douglas still cannot decide what direction he wants it to go in. Matters only get more complicated when he discovers that his girlfriend and leading lady has been cheating on him with his leading man, Leo. Douglas decides to confront Leo about it mere hours before the opening of the show. During their escalating fight, Leo comes into contact with a mysterious amulet Douglas wears around his neck. When Leo puts the amulet on, he undergoes a hideous transformation, and Douglas is faced with a dilemma. He must find a way to keep this zombie under wraps while simultaneously carrying on his show without his lead actor. Events spiral even further out of Douglas' control when the zombie gets loose during the middle of the performance and attacks his girlfriend, Deirdre, and several members of the audience. Despite the leading lady dying on stage, the show is a hit, and Douglas is faced with a new problem. He has a hit show on his hands, but to continue its' success, he must sacrifice the people he loves.

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One man's tortured inner journey through life, love and zombies.



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