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Mowing Through Misery

Ever had trouble mowing your lawns? Well, this man mows through misery.

Film notes

Mowing Through Misery came to life due to a need for a narrative example for my crane demo project in which I demonstrate my Do-It-Yourself (DIY) 8-foot long aluminum crane that I built in summer 2011. While writing the script for the crane demo, I decided to shoot a narrative example to illustrate what is possible with a crane, so I wrote the screenplay for Mowing Through Misery. Besides, working on this dark comedy presented a great opportunity to practice crane operation in a narrative project for the first time. I realized while writing Mowing Through Misery that it could easily stand alone as a short film, which is the reason you’re reading this now.

Like the crane demo, Mowing Through Misery was created with a micro-budget in mind; crafting the story required filming it outside at my house and making use of what was available to me, one of which I’m sure you’ve guessed by now is a lawnmower. Furthermore, I also knew that music and Foley (environmental sounds) would be paramount in carrying Mowing Through Misery, especially when it was decided later in post-production that the dark comedy would contain no spoken dialogue. One problem arose; how could I make this short film entertaining what with the abovementioned resources and shoestring (aglet, I might add) budget? I pulled out all the stops to make the dark comedy visually engaging as well as aurally immersive and one you’ll hopefully find unpredictable with a dash of action-oriented drama (or melodrama, some might say). Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Then I won’t waste a million words. Watch for yourself and decide. If you find yourself grinning or laughing at my expense while watching Mowing Through Misery… thanks a lot!
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Copyright © 2012 Steven Boatman

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Previous screenings

OneCloudFest | 2012
15 Jun – 31 Aug | Sweden
6 Jul – 8 Jul | Lima, United States
17 Aug – 19 Aug | Cleveland, United States

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