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Flour Baby

Callie, a girl with a hard edge, sits with her “flour baby”, a baby doll duct-taped to a bag of flour that she must care for as part of her high school religion assignment. As Callie looks on, the doll briefly transforms into a real boy. Callie dresses the male doll in a risqué burlesque costume for the Baby Beauty Pageant, jeopardizing her partner, Bernard’s, grade. The outfit also draws criticism from Angela, a sanctimonious classmate, who lashes out at Callie, insinuating that she had an abortion the year before. The next day, Angela accuses Callie of assassinating her now decapitated doll, and demands Callie’s as a replacement. Infuriated, Callie hurls her own doll against the wall; it explodes in a cloud of flour. Bernard tries to console Callie, who has been suspended. She tells him that she didn’t touch Angela’s baby. Bernard confesses to the doll’s murder, adding the fact that he baked brownies from the flour, and donated them to Angela’s bake sale. So, in effect, Angela ate her own child. Callie is touched by the gesture. She tells Bernard that, despite the rumors, she did not have an abortion. She miscarried. She lets people believe what they want as a means of punishing herself for, at one time, wanting the abortion. As Bernard looks on, Callie lays the baby doll down on the field and begins walking home. The real boy version of the doll follows her. She takes his hand and continues walking.




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