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Almost Ready

Teenagers Toni and Adam are forever struggling to keep up with their confident best friends, Renee and Greg. One night in Toni’s bedroom, as Renee and Greg loudly and visibly make out, Toni and Adam can barely even manage a first kiss. Frustrated by their friends’ cruel taunts, Toni and Adam dare Renee and Greg to have sex, something they claim to have done many times already. Finding themselves double-dared to have sex in return, Toni and Adam learn that measuring themselves against Renee and Greg won’t work when it comes to testing their own boundaries.

Film notes

When I was at High School my friend told me she was going to have sex before anyone else in our year.

It should have occurred to me at the time that she had no one to do it with, but instead it made me feel like I was about to be left behind. She was the person I first smoked cigarettes with. She was the first person I went to concerts with. It was with her that I first lied to my parents by saying we were seeing a movie when actually we were sitting in a park drinking an awful concoction of whisky, wine and brandy. And now she had this plan for another first.
She was so self-assured, So magnetic. For her I would’ve done anything. I lost sight of whether or not I was ready to do it myself, but decided I would do it because she was.
Almost Ready explores that terrifying, nauseating, but exciting moment when we think we are ready to become sexually active. A moment infused by great drama, huge stakes and massive change. The heart beats faster. The breath gets held. And then we realise that it’s not going to be like it is in the movies. It’s real – and very, very different to what we were expecting.

It’s strange how we can only truly ascertain what we are ready for when we go beyond it.

Grant Scicluna
Melbourne 2006




Copyright © 2005 Open Channel Productions and Grant Scicluna

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