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Project 11

Project 11 is a cult underground video game, in which no one has ever gone beyond level 11. 11 avid gamers across the world are racing to cross it. What they don’t realize that they could be playing the last game of their lives. On November 11, at precisely 11:11:11 am, when a Japanese housewife dies while playing the game in Tokyo, all hell breaks loose. In a battle of man vs machine, will the gamers survive, or will the game kill them all?

Film notes

11 Directors. 11 Cities. 1 Film.

Project 11 is a rare international collaborative endeavor in which 11 filmmakers from across the world came together to direct one short film.

The filmmakers were drawn from 11 different cities of the world - namely - Karachi, Mumbai, Tokyo, Beijing, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Dar es Salaam, Tel Aviv & Luxembourg.

The film is a gripping High-Concept Thriller about 11 gamers scattered across the world, who are racing against time to finish a cult underground video game.

In a one-of-its-kind strategy, the film premiered online on 11/11/11 at exactly 11.11 am. There were only two shows for the premiere, and the film was taken off in the next half hour.




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