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In the Name of My Peace

Alex was a man convinced that only romantic love would cure his pain and give him that long searched-for sense of peace and happiness. After a string of difficult relationships, he falls in love with a woman whose gluttony and constant need to be fed and nurtured, surpasses her love for him. Once again, Alex ends up broken hearted. Deeply disappointed Alex becomes eager to find out why his relationships inevitably fail (including a very dysfunctional, love deprived relationship with his own controlling mother). Hopeless, Alex decides to seek the services of a tarot-reading witch to carry out a love spell and give him some much-needed answers. On their first meeting the witch instructs Alex to obtain a chicken and bring it back to her, "She will be your best friend", she promises at one point. Doing as instructed, Alex goes out and gets a hen. He names her "Edna". Soon, just as the witch predicted, Edna, becomes Alex's best friend. Unaware of the witcht's true intentions with the chicken (a sacrifice), Alex finds himself risking his own life, to save the chicken that ended up finally saving him.


Assistant Director
Associate Producer
Writer (Original story)
Director of Photography
Camera Operator
Art Director
Sound Designer



Copyright © 2011 Rolando Felizola

Previous screenings

11 May – 21 May | Cannes, France
Abanico Theatre | 2011
25 Sep – 26 Sep | Miami, United States
6 Dec – 13 Dec | Bengaluru, India

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“... inspires a lot of laughs, headshaking and groans, in the best sort of way. ...”
Rating: 3/5
20 Jun 2011 | Scott Knopf | FilmThreat
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