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On the train home from the Easter Show, an over-tired little girl is hyped up by a stranger, who plays a game of peekaboo with her, until her mother begins to feel disturbed by the interest he’s showing. A short time later, the girl disappears in a carpark and her desperate mother searches. A glimpse of the man from the train fires her imagination with devastating consequences.

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There are a few ideas that I drew on when developing Peekaboo. I’m very interested in fear and its consequences; in panic and in how people react to extreme stress. Fear/panic often leads to situations that I see as pivotal moments, in which actions can never be undone.

Since becoming a parent, I’ve experienced the anxiety that goes along with the joys of having children. Ensuring little kids are safe means managing a constant imagined crisis and I think every parent has experienced the pure panic of losing sight of their child in an unfamiliar place.

I also wanted to explore our fear, as a society, of sexual predators. Though our kids coming into harm at the hands of such a person is statistically highly unlikely, this concern has overwhelmed more prosaic fears. Even as men assume a greater role in the care of their children, many men feel that we can’t engage with a stranger’s child without the possibility of raising suspicion.

In making Peekaboo, producer Joe Weatherstone and I did a couple of things that were new to us: we shot on a digital stills camera (the Canon 5D); and embraced social media and crowd-funding to raise our entire budget online. We found cast and crew online, we were even offered help sourcing locations through Twitter. While we were testing out a new approach to low budget filmmaking, the added bonus was we built a community of supporters around the project.




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Courts des Îles: International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World
9 Nov – 17 Nov | Papeete, French Polynesia

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