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Male Order Bride

Dexter Nolan Mathis has spent all of his life in the solitude and safety of his one bedroom apartment. But all of that is about to change when he purchases a mail order bride to have a companion and through a translation error winds up with Dimitri Valdimir Volokof, a gay Russian immigrant who is looking for freedom, acceptance and love in the USA.

Film notes

This film took its first steps in 2009, when Eric Phillips came to me with this idea for a comedy about a nerd who purchases a mail order bride and the awkwardness between this hot girl and this social inept guy. I told Eric if you want to make it a comedy there has to be a twist that amps up the hilarity. So I said the mail order bride has to be male. From there Mr. Phillips and I created an outline and started throwing around dialogue that came to mind while fleshing out our two main characters: the nerd and the male order bride.

In June of 2009, during my first trip to the big island of Hawaii, I began to bring the script to life. I wanted to create a film that didn’t rely on gross out comedy or
swearing. My goal was to create a modern day Billy Wilder style comedy, one that was a mixture of slapstick and smart hilarious dialogue. As I wrote the words to paper, the film quickly became more to me than just some simple film to make you laugh. It became a film about prejudice, gay rights and accepting who you are in a society that disconnects itself with the growth of technology.

-Eric Bair




Copyright © 2010 Eric Bair

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