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Strange things have been occurring to Javier. He suddenly finds himself naked in Berlin. He doesn't know why he's naked and what exactly he's doing in Berlin. He doesn't even know how he got there. All he wants is to return home. But he can't. Jens is a somewhat tired cop who bump into Javier. His wife coming birthday is in the center of his attention, especially with the alienation growing between the two of them. After bringing Javier to the police station, he finds out that Javier is not Javier, nor from Spain. Instead he finds a missing report with his picture claiming that his name is Kristof. but Javier, or Kristof, keep saying that he doesn't know whats going on, even when he is facing Cegan, the woman who placed that missing report and claim to be his girlfriend. Who is right in a reality like that? Is Javier the man he is claiming to be? How long can someone be sure he knows who he is while everyone keeps insisting he is actually someone else? How long until you start doubting your own self, your own perception of reality?
alienation urban life angst detachedness




Copyright © 2012 Nir Segev

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