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Sur'e Sana

Beyond the sky, clods twist round the pride mountain and shape a crystalline human. At the first he looks snobbishingly around. After a while, he scrutinizes all creation system which is created by the God and gradually he realizes astonishing relationship between all phenomenon where they have eager tendency to centralism under power of God. He sees that there are things that have no knowledge, such as physical bodies, but which act for the sake of an end. But things which have no knowledge do not have a tendency to an end unless they are directed by something that does have knowledge and understanding. Therefore there is some being with understanding which directs all things to their end, and this, is God. Eventually after observing the creation system’s elegance and magnificence he changes his sight and bows down in humble respect and worships God.

Film notes

Feast of Devotion in a stunning relationship between music and images paints symbolically story of human decent with animation language.

The film is kinda like a flicker reminds us remember God since we need to worship him.




Copyright © 1997 Iran Broadcasting Organization

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