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A small country that achieved capitalism after the fall of the Soviet Union, has managed to build up a state were social stratification has become colossal in the last 20 years. Food Bank that was founded and is active under the leadership of a Dutchman, who moved here in the era of changes, gathers food that the companies give away because of overproduction, mistakes on the labels, expiration date of shelf life or just charity. It has become a tradition that in case of a birthday or another important day the guests are asked to give a food donation to the Food Bank instead of a gift to the hero of the day. The food will be brought to the needy later. Food Bank and its Dutch manager Piet Boerefijn are working hard day by day to gather food and distribute it to the poorest parts of society in the Republic of Estonia. All the days seem to be the same - small rooms and the volunteers working in these rooms. But these days are filled with a sincere wish to help those whose very existence we'd like to forget sometimes.

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The documentary tries to observe the activities of Piet Boerefijn and Food Bank and their world view that offers the Estonians some comfort and help in their days...

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Being a socialist in my heart, I feel the sadness when seeing that the needs of the poorer part of the society are suddenly forgotten in a young capitalist state. Day by day the people are told that they have to be rich, successful and famous. The social stratification is a problem not only in this small republic situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea, but it's the reality in all post socialist countries. Economic problems in the whole Europe have just amplified this problem. They try to create an external image of a most innovative country but in the same time they hide their heads in the sand in front of the social problems. Just not to forget the simple people and the people who haven't forgotten them - that is the purpose of this film.
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