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A young child goes every day to a pet shop near to his house to play with a fish beyond the glass , the owner of the shop the old guy noted the link between the child and that Fish ... so that one day the child speak with the owner of the shop and tell him that he had come to buy the Fish so the owner fetched him a bowl for the fish and What comes out of the child in his pocket ,. the seller surprised because the child got out of his pocket candy instead of money to buy the Fish and eventually the seller gave the child what he wanted. After a considerable period of time within one of the florists' where enter two daughters to a young seller asking for a red rose while the buyer gave them two, but rather than giving the buyer money girls gave candy in exchange for the roses seller smiled and tears in his eyes and looked next to a picture hanging of a child holding a fish bowl... that seller young man is the little boy who had bought the fish and the girls have brought a memory of his childhood.




Copyright © 2011 Mahmoud Elfarsy

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