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Victor is an anonymous street-sweeper in London escaping from memories of a bloody, African civil war. Traumatised by his past he seeks to vanish within the metropolis. But violence seeks him out once more and he realises that to regain his humanity he must become “visible” again.

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The film is concerned with exploring and drawing together two different threads. One is showing the large number of immigrants, refugees and dispossessed - who move amongst us but who for the most part are 'invisible' to us. Who are they? Where are they from? Well, this is the story of one of them - an 'invisible' street sweeper called Victor. The other thread is the shadow of violence. In a city as big and as crowded as London it is always there. What would you do if you witnessed a violent act? Turn away? Run? Perhaps step in? This story is the bringing together of these two threads. What would happen if one of those at the very bottom of society's ladder witnessed an act of violence? And what makes them behave the way they do and what motivates their response.
The racial and cultural diversity of the capital is shown visually throughout 'Invisible'. But specifically, the film is the story of an African refugee - a young man from an educated and respected family who finds himself working as a street sweeper. The film will resonate, not just with African refugees, but with others from around the world who find themselves working at jobs which are educationally and socially beneath them, and highlights the prejudices they face on a day to day basis.
In the protagonist, Victor, we have a character who is suffering from a repressed form of post-traumatic stress. His family were massacred in front of him in an African coup and although he describes this quite openly in his voice over, it is obvious from his existence how badly this has affected him. We believe the film ultimately has something hopeful to say to people who have suffered the disabling effects of violence within a community.


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2 May – 6 May | Grande Prairie, Canada
Magma: International Short Film Festival
29 Nov – 1 Dec | Acireale, Italy

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