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Darling Mooney

It is early in the morning when a young man called Jack finds the body of Miss Mooney, a famous actress and pin up star, lying in the forest after a mysterious car crash. Jack is seduced by Miss Mooneys beauty. Surely she is not as dead as she seems but full of passion and unfilled needs. Jack wants to take care of this girl and brings her home with him. Jack treats the Miss Mooney fine. He fixes her appearance, makes dinner and takes her to dance. But in a parallel existance Miss Mooney is dying alone, finding her way from this world to another, saying goodbye and building strength to let go. She does not want to be touched by Jack but she cannot help what is happening to her body. Or can she? Jack hears someone coming and he is in a hurry to hide the body. It does not fit in the suitcase or under the bed but he manages to stuff it in a closet. Poor Jack is now attacked by ghosts and taken to a car. Caught in the underworld trap Jack becomes the victim of another mysterious car crash... Is it not Miss Mooneys car that finally hits him? Damn that lady! With the help of Five Historical Ladies from Beyond Miss Mooney was set free from the dominance and her body became her own posession. Miss Mooney is more fabulous than ever. She is in control.

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Darling Mooney is a dance thriller fantasy about female liberation.


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