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A woman named Joanne drives home on a beautiful summer day after capturing the man responsible for the rape and murder of her sister and eleven other women when he is released from custody on a technicality.

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In “JustUs,” questions of morality and justice collide. The film's ambiguous ending asks the viewer to decide for themselves what Joanne’s final feelings are and asking the question, “What is justice when there’s JustUs?”

JustUs came about because I love revenge films as much as the next person, but it's rare for a revenge film to take a look at the aftermath. We can all relate to someone wanting vengeance; in this case a woman named Joanne (played by Sage Hall) is seeking revenge on the man (played by Travis Garner) who raped and murdered her sister. It's a fairly standard set-up, but what I wanted to do differently was not show the act of her vengeance, but to suck the audience in, to make them think about what they would do and then give them an ambiguous image of our protagonist onto whom they could project their own emotions.
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Copyright © 2011 Lori Bowen

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