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The morning after a night of hard partying, Simone awakes, unsure of the events that took place. The mystery deepens as her focus becomes clear leading to a chilling discovery.

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It’s simple to pigeon hole Simone into the horror category. Visually the horror elements are all present; hot chicks, blood, sex, and death. In today’s horror scene that is usually enough to fill the quota needed for most fans. Simone’s storyline goes beyond its shortened time frame with a deeper unraveling. Simone is in essence, really, a tragic love story. A girl who just wants to be loved. But, with a certain affliction she harbors, finds it hard to make a true connection with people. The story picks up on the rare night she does go out on the town and finds someone she begins a relationship with. It’s very much a normal tale of hiding personal demons from others, whether it is drug addiction, life history or a disease. All life’s little struggles. Through the haze of the next morning she slowly puts the pieces of her night together. We’ve all experienced that common hangover morning of regret, but Simone’s has a beautifully horrific twist. Exploring the fear from danger for the audience while paralleling the fear of her actions was very interesting to develop. It’s that duality of fear that ties us all together.

Simone was our best shoot to date. While we all believed in the written story, it was the talent in front and behind the camera that worked in harmony for the same glorious goal that was the most rewarding. Never letting limitations stand in the way of pushing the envelope it was a great battle of invention and problem solving. A battle that now, we are proud to say, we took on. That giant wall at the start fell in ruins and what stood in its place is Simone.




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