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Rain of the Furies

As the dawn of the 21st century wanes, the dark harsh din of western civilization pushes mortals up Mt. Olympus. Space is cramped and rage runs still in the blood of the Gods. Hermes' quest to impress his brother's wife leads down the winding road toward Misfortune(Triumph). How long can brother abide brother, husband abide wife, God abide man?

Film notes

Shot on 35mm film on location on Oahu Hawaii, Rain of the Furies (formerly called "the Mountain Movie") offers a classic look at a tantalizing world of fantasy & intrigue combining neo-noir undertones with a daring soundtrack to capture a fresh and emphatically cinematic look at both contemporary & timeless mortal concerns.

Shot on short ends hijacked from ABC's Lost.




Copyright © 2011 Backflip Productions

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