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Jay takes a journey through his childhood, from a frightened young boy to a confused delusional man. Subjected to years of torment by the school bullies, Brucie and Dixon, Jay confides in his only friend Beth. As the years pass Jay and Beth’s friendship blossoms but trouble is on the horizon as Jay is about to run into his Past.

Film notes

Beth is a drama focusing on the effects of bullying and loneliness. The power of the creative mind and the thin line between morality and immorality. Deep inside every living being there is a switch, that once triggered can unleash a violent rage. The main concept of the film was to expose this emotion and the psychological implements behind it. How could such a gentle, harmless character, like Jay become a depraved psychopath? Is it the cruel world in which he lives? Or could there be something more sinister at work?

Director's statement:
As a director my main objective is to inject realism into my work. I feel that the more believable a story and it’s characters, the More captivating the experience becomes. Giving the actors the freedom to really Experiment with the characters is also very Important. During the filming of Beth in some scenes I relied Purely on improvisation to bring out the best in the cast. The characters and structure of Beth were created whilst travelling extensively for many years on my own,. The globe trotting lifestyle gave me the opportunity to come in to contact with people from all different walks of life. This Experience played a huge part in the development of Beth and the characteristics of some of the key players in the story. The filming of Beth was one great big experiment. It was an opportunity to create and bring to life the world of Jay. It was an ambitious shoot on a low budget and I was determined to succeed, despite all the obstacles. I was fortunate enough to have a great cast and crew behind me and we managed to defy all the odds.




Copyright © 2011 Charly Ryan, Franz Von Habsburg

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18 (United Kingdom)

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