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Another Day

In New York City Dana discovers that she is pregnant. Scared and lonely, and haunted by memories from her past, she is determined not to keep the baby. But something happens, and her previous certainty is no longer.

Film notes

"Another Day" was born in a strange way. The image I had in mind was that of a girl looking at the mirror. The feeling that reflection emanated was a strong, irrepressible loneliness, and a sense of inadequacy to the existence, thinking of the new life she is carrying.

"Another Day"’s main character is Dana. She is forced to take a decision, probably the most important choice in her life. She decides not to keep the baby she is expecting, the son of an occasional sexual encounter, not of love. But while she is walking through the streets in New York something happens in her mind. She looks at few kids playing in the park, then she sees a father embracing his daughter with love, and slowly her previous certainty fails and her mind goes somewhere else.

"Another Day" is a film that tries to explore the necessity of taking a decision, and the possibility that the right decision could be the wrong one.
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Copyright © 2011 Chiara Armentano

Previous screenings

New York International Independent Film and Video Festival | 2011
17 Nov – 24 Nov | New York, United States
2 Dec – 4 Dec | Minneapolis, United States
24 Mar – 31 Mar | Bari, Italy
7 Apr – 8 Apr | Kiev, Ukraine
13 Apr – 15 Apr | Macomb, United States
17 Apr – 22 Apr | Foggia, Italy
6 Oct – 22 Oct | Nicosia, Cyprus
Nasicae Short Movie Festival | 2012
13 Oct – 14 Oct | Castenaso, Italy

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