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Печената Тиква

Dusko works in Sofia, but he is ashamed of his provincial origin. Dusko is trying to be like any citizen. One day he was offered a baked pumpkin - a traditional village meal in his boss house and he refuse to have a slice from it. Dusko fights with himself, but after the crucial night in his boss's house he begins to see that pumpkin everywhere and in everything. Finally, unable to withstand the temptation, he surrenders.

Film notes

"The Baked Pumpkin" is a an adaptation of the same-titled story by the Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin. Same as in the story, the confrontational main focus in the movie "The Baked Pumpkin" is falling on the topic of the origin of the protagonist and his frantic shame and disgust of his own provincial origin. The same as the most part of our contemporary society, Dusko Dobrodushkov (a character described more than eighty years ago!) experiences fear and aversion of situations, in which he might reveal his family roots and would be considered a peasant by the surrounding society.

Despite the time barrier of nearly almost a century, the same way of thinking is still observed in the majority of modern people, making the topic of origin in Bulgaria a pressing issue, so current today as it was a hundred years ago. The film "The Baked Pumpkin" is intended for all audiences because of its comic character and current topic.




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