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Death Wish

Julie, a who-like little girl, is startled awake on Christmas Eve… “Santa?” No. Standing in the doorway in his robes is Death. The moment of grandeur passes quickly and Death takes on a casual tone as he informs little Julie that he has come for her soul. But the reaper has arrived early. With the girl still alive, he tries to convince her to devour a plate of cookies (as her fate is to choke on them). But Julie sees right through Death’s offer. Christmas is a busy time for the Reaper, so he decides to cut a deal: He must either take Santa’s soul or hers. If she were to go with him, she will have saved Christmas for everyone. Julie so wants to meet Elvis Presley that she chooses for Santa Claus to die. Death is dumbfounded, but she reveals that she had never believed in Santa in the first place. The deal set, Death can do nothing more but grant her grand wish. In a flash, Elvis appears. Julie's scream awakens her parents who find The King in their living room. Julie gives Death a big hug before joining her family for a photo. But a skeletal finger lands on Elvis’ shoulder as he leaves with a whisper “Merry Christmas, Mr. Presley. I’ll be seeing you soon.” Blind to his fate, Elvis happily discovers the plate of cookies. Elvis chokes and tumbles, the family screams, and from deep within his horrible hood, Death flashes a gruesome smile.

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I envisioned Death Wish from the following point of view: “What would my favourite Christmas Specials from childhood have been like if the likes of Peter Jackson or Guillermo Del Toro had made them?”

I’ve always wanted to make a dark comedy. I’ve already made short films that have made people laugh, or built suspense and depicted gore, and Death Wish involves both of these aspects, which is double the fun.

Death Wish is for the adult who grew up loving the twisted holiday entertainment they watched as a kid; while waiting for Santa to slide down their chimney on Christmas Eve... and break his freaking neck.




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