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La Penna di Hemingway

Life can make you dependent on things and fragile - something Claudia found out when she went back to Lignano following the death of her father - whom she hadn't seen for years - and got caught up in the mystery of a pen that had once belonged to Hemingway.

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Director’s notes
Through the metaphor of the pen, the short film wants to give a taste of the
weakness of the memory and of the idea that the story of a place is handed down
by the affairs of the individuals. The short brings us in a comparative perspective
between two opposite worlds, the one represented by Claudia, the career woman,
and the other embodied by the borderline Samuel, together with the grumpy
innkeeper. That's amplified by the dialogue between the host and Samuel about
the “ownership” of the pen.
A comparison between a woman and two men - so similar to each other but
so different from her - is really interesting. Two men that represent the last
relationship, even if indirect and painful, with her family and her provenance. Even
more interesting is the metamorphosis of Claudia, when her apparent severity and
self-confidence become inner and real weakness, because of the discoveries she
makes and that the pen brings with it. Claudia is seduced by the pen and by
Samuel, but above all by the memory.
“Life can make you dependent on things and fragile”: with this fatalism the
protagonist is put in front of her collapse. In fact, another main theme concerns the
inability to resist the seduction of the objects. So the pen is not only the “medium”
that determines and reveals to the protagonist her origins and her destiny: it is also
the symbol for the relationship of Claudia with things and men (Samuel, the
innkeeper, even the dead father).
The place, in effect a non-place, and the pen-object of desire, become the
perfect devices for a noir-stained drama, where some elements are not completely
revealed. All of this elements contribute to leave an open door in the final, as if the
short film is just only a study or a presentation for something wider.
rubini filangieri cinieri barilli carbonera maremetraggio lignano



Previous screenings

5 Dec – 10 Dec | Tirana, Albania
19 Jan – 25 Jan | Trieste, Italy

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