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The Magic of Faith or, Are You for Real, Santa?

It’s Christmas Eve and nine-year-old Desiree knows everything and is going to great lengths to dispel all the myths her best friend Chloe has been fed by her parents: tooth fairies, bunyips and... Santa! They disagree vehemently: Chloe insisting there is a Santa and Desiree telling her to grow up. Poor Desiree is left standing alone in the National Park, cranky and disillusioned by the hypocrisy of Christmas, convinced that Santa is a big con used to blackmail little kids. A loud thunderclap heralds not only an approaching summer storm, but also causes Santa and his reindeer to crash unceremoniously to earth. Staggering to his feet and with a mild case of concussion, Santa quickly realises he doesn’t know where he is or who he is. Desiree’s scepticism boils as she interrogates this pathetic imposter and he fully denies being this “Santa Claws” and what is that pile of horns and fur road-kill over there? Water buffalo?
Through a series of twisted revelations and soul-searching admissions into the relevance of Christmas and what it means to kids, Santa begins to remember Christmases of long ago as Desiree slowly realises that this is the real Santa!

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Our intention was to make a high quality short film engaging both children and adults and reinforcing the magic of believing in something you can’t see.
Through the deft application of music, sound, colour and special effects in post-production, our goal was to create a truly magical experience.
Visually and aurally, we have a solid base with strong performances by the three actors involved.
Musically, the score is magical, innocent but not sugary, 'whimsy' and fun with a hint of the unknown!
The sound design incorporates those elements that can’t be seen: Santa crashing through the treetops, Santa’s memory recall and ‘enchanted’ presents disappearing.
The ultimate intention for this project is to see it extended into a feature film with the same tenet: the magic of faith; and for it to become a Christmas ‘standard’.
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Copyright © 2013 Susanna Bonaretti / Santa Shorts Productions

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