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A lone survivor is lost in a dying world. A man struggles to connect pieces from his daily scavenging routine and bits from his repressed memory. When a woman appears in his desolate forest world, she's intent on making him face his past and consequent fate.

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From the very first day as a freshman in college, I had the desire to create a film totally different from what people usually expect from a thesis film here in Israel. I knew I wanted to make a genre film, but at the same time, I knew it had to veer as far away as it can from that general definition. When I first encountered the films of the great Russian director, Andrei Tarkovski, during my studies, I knew I finally found my inspiration.

I would like to consider "Overture" as a poetic sci-fi film. The time and world on screen populate the film as characters in their own right. Similar to the films which inspired it, this film is not meant to be sealed with an absolute conclusion, but rather remain open for individual interpretations. It is a story which encourages the viewer to think and draw their own take on who the characters are, their role in that decaying world, and what their relationship is with our own world.




Copyright © 2011 Dan Sachar

Previous screenings

15 Oct – 27 Oct | Tel-Aviv, Israel
Stockholm Film Festival
9 Nov – 20 Nov | Stockholm, Sweden

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