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At the first glance, Peter appears as a loving father and family man to Agnes and her son Jonas. Jonas flourishes seemingly in Peter's attention. Together they decide to plan and build a boat just as Peter's father had done with him. Yet, it soon becomes clear that Peter has been leading a double life and is actually married to Sybille with whom he has been married for the past eight years. In a bid to free himself of the burden of leading a double life, he decides to quit his relationship with Jonas and Agnes. Cowardly, he decides not to say goodbye to Jonas and move on. Listening to her mother and Peter fighting and screaming, five year old Jonas is already smart enough to know that in order to achieve something, one has to to force the opposite person sometimes. Thus, he decides to pack up his bags and hides in Peter's car's trunk. Not knowing of his valuable carriage in the back of his car, Peter drives home to Sybille who is in the midst of preparing a splendid housewarming dinner to a few guests. When he is sent out to fetch bottles of water from the car's trunk, Peter finds Jonas. He now has to find a way to get rid of Jonas without feeding Sybille's suspicions whilst battling his own bad conscience.

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A satirical drama emerges about the lies we tell in order to be loved.




Copyright © 2011 Mia Meyer

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